Will I be able to ask questions? What type of support is offered?

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Now that I’ve put many designers through our program, we’ve made sure to cover every nook and cranny. Although I’ve set you up for success, you may still have questions. Here’s the ways you’ll be supported:

Virtual Community 

My private, member-only, bonus Facebook group is full of designers who are on the same journey as you. Unlike other Facebook groups, everyone in this community is speaking the same language (the Standard language that is.) This group is active for two months once enrollment closes. 

FAQ Vault

Inside your member dashboard you’ll find a vault of frequently asked questions.

Accountability Partners

As soon as you enroll, you’re encouraged and given the resources to partner with a few other designers who you can rely on when you need more support. 

Team Standard

If you ever need additional support, you’ll have a special link to reach out to our team to get assistance.

“I love diving in and implementing The Standard! I feel like I was 90% of the way, but unsure of myself the entire time. The confidence Sandra has given me, and her willingness to share, is the community I’ve been waiting for!” Bailey Bishop, Bailey Bishop Design

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