Liz Hackett: Women Who Own It

It all started with, “If you could do anything, what would you do?”

For Liz, the answer was clear. After years of designing her own homes (Liz’s husband is a custom home builder and they moved often), as well as helping friends, Liz wanted a career in interior design. And so, after her amazing mentor retired in 2016, Liz started her own design business, Liz Hackett Interiors

Not only is Liz a talented designer, but she is also a dedicated mother of three and a serious runner (like NYC Marathon serious). She adores her home in the mountains of Asheville, NC (check out her Instagram for amazing design AND incredible bear sightings) and aspires to make a name for herself there.

What did your firm look like in the beginning?

When I first started my business, I would take on all the projects – from window shades to reupholstering a sofa – anything I could get my hands on.

What kind of challenges did you face as you started to grow?

I definitely struggled with imposter syndrome… I was always comparing myself to other designers and wondering, “Am I good enough?”… “Can I charge this amount?”… “Is my work worth it?”… “Do I know enough?”.

How were those struggles making you feel?

Less confident. I was comfortable working with clients, but I didn’t know all of the details of running a business like how to charge, how to invoice, etc.

Liz was ready for a transformation. 

As she immersed herself in books, podcasts and real-world design experience, she realized that her dedication, passion and natural talent were enough. She was on the hunt for help with the business side.

That’s when she found the Interior Design Standard. 

Did you have any hesitations about taking the next step or did you dive right in?

At first, I told myself that I needed to wait to be more successful or more of a professional business to enroll in the Standard. Then I realized the Standard was what was going to get me there. I finally took the plunge when I heard Sandra say, “Invest in yourself, no one else is going to”. I knew I had nothing to lose and how much I could gain was all on me.

Why did you ultimately choose the Standard over all of the other programs that you researched?

The Standard goes beyond just talking about the topics… it gives you the templates, solutions and contracts. I didn’t want to just talk about a contract; I wanted a copy of that contract. The Standard took all of the information and knowledge that I was seeking and put it into one spot. 

“It’s been a huge help to have Sandra’s guidance of education and support.”

Liz Hackett

When did you realize that the Standard was actually helping you overcome your challenges?

Implementing the Standard was a game-changer. It immediately took off the stress of feeling so disorganized with the client process. 

Even my contractors love that I have what they need when they need it. They are now sending mere referrals because I have my systems so locked down.

What have you been able to achieve since going through the Standard?

The Standard has also helped me narrow down my ideal client and go after them. I’m no longer changing how I work for each client. I’m able to say, “No” to jobs I would have said, “Yes” to before and am now getting the projects of my dreams. I’ve even turned down a big job because the client didn’t want to work within my business model which left room for a great project that came in soon after.

What do you consider your biggest win?

Going through the Standard and taking the time to reflect on my business, has helped me the most. I’m now able to ask myself, “What do I want?” and then actually go after it. It has been huge.

The Standard was exactly what I needed and still need. I check in daily to stay on track. It’s immeasurably helpful for my business and got me further along than I could have done on my own.

Liz Hackett

How would you describe your business now?

I’m now organized and self-assured in my business model and so are my clients. Over and over again they tell me how easy, clear and stress-free my process is. It far exceeds their expectations from start to finish. 

I’m really thankful for Sandra & the Standard. It’s exactly what I needed. It has gotten me further along, quicker than I would have been able to on my own.

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