What is the Interior Design Standard?

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The Interior Design Standard is a comprehensive template for exactly how to run an interior design business. It took me many years in business, with a few tough lessons along the way,  to build a business that I love.

You no longer have to fumble along alone in this industry where “everyone does it differently.” You don’t have to struggle for years to figure out your best practices. You don’t have to worry, stress, or over-analyze your fees, design agreement or those sometimes tricky client interactions.

“The Standard is a true game changer to my 10-year-old firm. I’ve the confidence to charge our worth by calculating our flat fees AND estimated furnishing costs for our clients’ projects up front. It takes away ALL the stress by setting those budgets before we start the design process.” Kristi Patterson, Grace Hill Design

This isn’t just pep talks and theories – I’m giving you the structure, tools and templates that I’ve used to create joy and efficiency in my design firm.

“I took a business course as part of my design training but it only skimmed the surface. The Interior Design Standard has filled in so many gaps and I look forward to implementing all the fabulous knowledge I’ve gained.” Jane Nares, Jane Nares Designs

If you haven’t already, take the FREE Demo Module to get an inside look at how I structure design projects at House of Funk.

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