What am I going to get in the Interior Design Standard?

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You’re going to get it all. All my time tested, tried and true templates for running a confident, joyful and efficient design firm.

Client issues left me exhausted, stressed and less profitable than I’d hoped. There’s no reason that you should have to go through each of those situations. All my years in business = TONS of lessons learned. At one point, it felt like more trouble than it was worth.

The beauty of that ‘bottom’ was that it knocked me on my ass and forced me to take a long hard look at who I’ve become for the sake (or pleasure) of others.

I took a break from accepting new clients. I hired a great lawyer, business strategist and business coach. We think-tanked my entire business. The backbone of my comeback is a client centric business model; always looking at the business from the client’s point of view.  I was back, and I was THRIVING. 

I’ve templated everything I could in my business to share with you so that you can THRIVE too. 

“The Interiors Design Standard is everything I was looking for and so much more!  I’m blown away by all of the “deliverables” in this program. Sandra has put it ALL out there and I can not wait to take my business to the next level with all that I’ve learned.” Deborah Lempert, Deborah Lempert Interiors

The Standard is compiled of modules that are jam packed with tools, resources, editable templates and so much more. The content will guide you through running an interior design firm from top to bottom.

I give you digestible video explanations accompanied by my entire process, broken down into step by step tasks for you to download and customize for your business. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Interior Design Services Agreement
  • 20+ Client email templates
  • Trade Agreement
  • Employee job descriptions 
  • Full Service Asana template (100+ tasks of our detailed full service and build/renovate process)
  • Potential Client Asana template (detailed tasks outlining and digging into this process from initial outreach to onboarding)
  • And tons of bonuses that will knock your socks off!

“The details provided in the Standard are simply mind-blowing! As a one woman show and never having worked for another firm, I’ve always wondered how other design studios work. The Standard is like watching over another interior designer’s shoulder (a fabulous one at that).” Simone Aïda Baur, Global Inspirations Design

If you haven’t already, take the FREE Demo Module to get an inside look at how I structure design projects at House of Funk.

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