I’ve already invested in so many programs, what makes the Standard different?

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I’ve done many courses, hired coaches, and worked with business strategists since starting my business in 2005. I’ve carefully tested different strategies that have led to my 7 figure design firm, happy clients and a joyful business. It’s different because I’ve taken my business degree and background in business process consulting (literally consulting companies to be more efficient and profitable) and used my decades in interior design – along with all the courses and mentors – and distilled all of it down to an incredibly detailed, yet easy to understand, template for exactly how to run an interior design firm.

“This program was equivalent to an MBA! Especially for someone like me who left the corporate world behind to follow her passion and going back to school for design was not feasible but believed in her talent – this course filled in all the missing pieces for all the questions I had. And all the templates and calculators and contracts ARE PRICELESS!” Rydhima Brar, R/Terior Studio

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