Does the Standard work for those of us who are not based in the US?

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The Standard is all about executing the process of interior design efficiently and from a client centric point of view. It doesn’t get into local codes or regulations. I’ve worked with designers across the US and around the world and have had rave reviews throughout. In all cases, you’ll have access to soft copies to make your own and to review with your local law professional.

“Our industry gives us the chance to design all around the world even from the other side of the globe. Borders cannot be your limits when investing into yourself. Enrolling in the Standard made me reach new heights as a professional and as a person. The Standard covers many of the Interior Design business aspects, some of which are directly applicable anywhere you live. As for some others, you may need more research to adapt it to your own environment which might cost more effort, but the result is worth it.” Céline Joudrier, LACELLA Interior Architecture

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