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The Interior Design Standard is a proven process for exactly how to grow a thriving interior design business.

I am handing over the exact model that I use in my firm. It took me many years in business, with a few tough lessons along the way to build a business that I love. It’s too much to keep to myself. So, I’m sharing it with our entire industry.

“I used the design fee calculator and landed a huge flat fee project! Thank you for sharing the Standard so that we can all elevate our businesses.” Kelly O’Neil, Kelly O’Neil Interior Design, LLC

“I took a business course as part of my design training but it only skimmed the surface. Before enrolling in the program, I felt unsure about my process. After implementing, I have a tried and true system to follow that I love and that my clients love. The Interior Design Standard has filled in so many gaps. I have a newfound confidence as a design entrepreneur.” Jane Nares, Jane Nares Designs

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It’s my time-tested, tried and true templates for running a joyful, balanced and abundant design firm.

Client issues left me exhausted, stressed and less profitable than I’d hoped. There’s no reason that you should have to go through each of those situations. All my years in business = TONS of lessons learned. At one point, it felt like more trouble than it was worth.

The beauty of that ‘bottom’ was that it knocked me on my ass and forced me to take a long hard look at who I’ve become for the sake (or pleasure) of others.

I took a break from accepting new clients. I hired a great lawyer, a business strategist (focused on profit) and a business coach (focused on mindset). We think-tanked my entire business. The backbone of my comeback is a client-centric business model; always looking at the business from the client’s point of view. I was back, and I was THRIVING.

I’ve templated the systems in my business to share with you so that you can THRIVE too. 

“The Interiors Design Standard is everything I was looking for and so much more!  I’m blown away by all of the “deliverables” in this program. Sandra has put it ALL out there and I can not wait to take my business to the next level with all that I’ve learned.” Deborah Lempert, Deborah Lempert Interiors

The Standard is jam-packed with tools, resources, editable templates and so much more. The content will guide you through the strategy and systems of running the interior design firm of your dreams.

  • I give you digestible video explanations accompanied by my process, broken down into step-by-step tasks for you to download and customize for your business. Here are a few of the highlights:
  • Interior Design Services Agreement
  • 20+ Client email templates
  • Trade Agreement
  • HR Docs galore (job listings, roles and responsibilities, employee agreements with office policies, onboarding processes and more)
  • Full-Service Asana template (100+ tasks of my detailed full service and build/renovate design process)
  • Potential Client Asana template (detailed tasks outlining and digging into this process from initial outreach to onboarding)
  • And TONS more that will knock your socks off!

“The details provided in the Standard are simply mind-blowing! I’ve always wondered how other design studios work. The Standard is like watching over another interior designer’s shoulder (a fabulous one at that).” Simone Aïda Baur, Global Inspirations Design

If your dream client called you tomorrow, are you ready? Is your business set up to give them the best possible experience? The Standard will prepare you to take on the big projects and see them through to completion beautifully. 

After implementing the Standard, you will be able to approach your dream clients with newfound confidence and process, guaranteed to wow them and instill their trust in you. Many members find that the first clients they sign after implementing the Standard are their ideal clients.

One of the best marketing tools is an excellent portfolio. That comes from completed design projects. And, that comes from a design process that leaves no stone left unturned. My step-by-step process to completing design projects is the crux of the Standard. We change the game. Complete rooms, down to art and accessories and excellent photography are a given, not a hope.

The Standard does not cover branding or marketing.

“I signed three full-service design clients this week! Thank you for teaching me ‘the way’ through the Standard!” Elana Mendelson, Elana Designs, LLC

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Pre-recorded video and tons of downloadable resources and templates. I also host LIVE bonus community calls throughout to give members an opportunity to connect via video. The calls are scheduled approximately once per month for 3 months after enrollment closes. A Zoom recording will be sent out if you are unavailable to attend.

“Sandra “speaks my language” – she’s relatable, quick and to the point, yet thorough enough for me to understand. I’ve been in other programs. This is the best one.” Taylor Johnson,  Taylor Johnson Design

Whether you reserve your spot prior to next enrollment or enroll once doors open (depending on seat availability), you will receive access to all modules on March 17th, 2024.

“Sandra’s clear, real-people-speak and content dives right to the heart of it all, outlining the most logical process I could have asked for (if I even knew the right questions to ask!).” Jennifer O’Brien, Jenn O’Brien Interiors

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Designers have great success with the Standard. After all, efficiency equals profits. Not only does their business improve, but their lives improve too. 

“The Standard has increased my profitability so much so that I’m going before a board review for a prime studio space on a corner lot in a gorgeous walking village. It never ever would have happened prior. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  MeLinda Kann, MK Design

A note from the Terms and Conditions: Nothing contained in the Program shall be construed as a warranty or guarantee on the part of the Company that any success or other specific results will be achieved by the Client.  In addition, prior results, i.e. testimonials, do not predict future outcomes.

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I share the software that I use, but it’s not required to use the same in order to have success with the Standard. I share best practices that are transferable across all platforms. 

My step-by-step process is given to you through Asana.com. It’s a task management software. Designers have successfully exported the data into their own task management software with ease. 

In terms of accounting, the Standard’s systems dovetail beautifully with whatever system you have set up. It’s so, so important to know and understand your numbers; though I do recommend working with a professionally trained accountant who knows their stuff.

“Thank you for all of your templates. We are really understanding how to utilize Asana. Invaluable!” Amy Krause, Amy Krause Design

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Every process within the Interior Design Standard is woven together. The Standard is my business model, my process and my structure. It wouldn’t work to only implement bits and pieces, as it is all threaded together.

“At first, I jumped right into the Standard’s pricing module, but that was a huge mistake (for me, at least) because I still didn’t have the confidence to back it up. So I took a deep breath, and decided right then and there to follow the Standard to a “T”. Once I had the foundation of understanding why it all works together, I was flying – soaring – making money and no longer stressing about the little things.” MeLinda Kann, MeLinda K Design

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The Standard is all about executing the process of interior design efficiently and from a client-centric point of view. It doesn’t get into local codes or regulations. I’ve worked with designers across the US and around the world and have received rave reviews throughout. In all cases, you’ll have access to soft copies to make your own and to review with your local law professional.

“Our industry gives us the chance to design all around the world even from the other side of the globe. Borders cannot be your limits when investing into yourself. Enrolling in the Standard made me reach new heights as a professional and as a person. The Standard covers many of the Interior Design business aspects, some of which are directly applicable anywhere you live. As for some others, you may need more research to adapt it to your own environment which might cost more effort, but the result is worth it.” Céline Joudrier, LACELLA Interior Architecture [NETHERLANDS]

“I was a little nervous about enrolling in the Standard, primarily due to the cost but also because I wasn’t sure if many of the processes and procedures could be implemented in Europe. I’m delighted to say I was wrong. I had to amend spreadsheets to reflect the Euro currency and metric measurements but I expected that. The system is completely doable for me.” Karen Hughes, Emerald Interior Design [IRELAND]

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Reserve your spot in the next bi-annual Interior Design Standard session. Seats are limited to 150, but I can save one for you. Reserving your spot is like having your first-class ticket confirmed, seat assignment in hand. You know where you’re going and you know it’s going to be 5-star.

While we wait for the next session, you’ll receive exclusive inner-circle training to prepare you and your business for the mind-blowing upgrades you are about to experience. When the Standard drops, you’ll be ready to dive in. Go to interiordesignstandard.com to reserve your spot.

Who it’s for

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The Standard is for you if:

  • Go-getter – Always searching for ways to improve your firm, but tired of all of the different ways of doing business in an ever-changing industry. You’re ready to follow one tried and true business model that you’ll love and that your clients will love.
  • Savvy entrepreneur – Your business and team are scaling, but you’re stuck in the day-to-day tasks. You need systems and processes to get your team running like a well-oiled machine while you are off landing dream clients.
  • Self-starter – You are looking to transform your design firm, but you’re unsure how… You are looking for a trusted advisor to give you the step-by-step process.

“I used the design fee calculator and landed a huge flat fee project! Next up, I look forward to utilizing the Asana Full-Service template to run the job. Thank you for sharing the Standard so that we can all elevate our businesses.” Kelly O’Neil, Kelly O’Neil Interior Design, LLC

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The Standard isn’t for you if:

  • You are a designer looking to strengthen your design chops (the Standard focused on the business foundation only)
  • You are an entrepreneur who isn’t comfortable using technology to upgrade your business
  • You’re content with the way you’ve always done it
  • You’re only looking for a business model for online design, consultations or packages
Categories Who it's for

The Standard is for you if: OR You’re ready for the Standard if:

  • You’re a design entrepreneur committed to transforming your design business
  • You want to fill your pipeline with dream clients
  • You’re ready to clarify (and maybe delegate) so that you can focus on CEO tasks
  • You’re confident in your design skills, you have set up the foundations of your business and are ready to master the business side of interior design

I don’t want you to make the same mistakes that I made. Why do I share all I’ve learned? Because over 20 years in the industry equals tons of lessons learned. I give it all to you so that you can catapult your business forward.

“It would have taken me years (and many mistakes) to build the processes that are given to us in the Standard!” Kathy Waite, Principal Kathy Waite Design

Categories Who it's for

There is no better time to transform your business than when you aren’t slammed. The Standard shows the structure, mindset and strategic pricing to run a thriving design business. If you’re committed to saying ‘no’ to projects that don’t light you up and ‘yes’ to ideal projects, the Standard will help you fill that pipeline with Dream Clients.

“Since I started the Interior Design Standard, I’ve closed my highest design fees to date and I’ve been in business since 2013. I’m so grateful for Sandra and how invaluable all of the information has been.”  Andrea Wachs, Andrea Wachs Interior Design

Categories Who it's for

 If you’re committed to transforming your business into a thriving design firm, then the Standard is for you. (P.S. The average years in business amongst members is 11 years).

“The Standard solidified the practices I’ve had in play for the 10 + years of being in the trade, but offers new perspectives and tools that make my business feel brand new!” Amber Drown, Tailored Interior Design

Categories Who it's for

I asked past members who do commercial if they think the Standard worked for them – here’s what they had to say: 

“I used the Standard process for a commercial office and it was fabulous. It has me stand in my space for pricing.” Anonymous. 

“My business is about a 50/50 split between residential and commercial work. It’s absolutely transferable. Just a matter of editing the tasks and schedule that are appropriate for a commercial job in Asana and editing the processes. But the concept for how to approach clients, figure out pricing, etc. is essentially the same.” Patricia Lynn Sharp, An Inside Job Interior Design, LLC.

Categories Who it's for

I share how to use even the smallest amount of data, an example exercise and example case studies to help you calculate your flat fee no matter how much data you have now. But, please! Start tracking your time now – it’s the best way; to use your actual data.

“Thanks to the Standard and the flat fee calculator — I’m officially hired for a project with my highest design fee to date! Thank you Sandra for sharing your brilliance!” Amanda Amato, AMA Designs & Interiors LLC

Categories Who it's for

Designers are often creative savants – it sounds like you may fall in that category. Off the charts brilliant at your core competency: design, and maybe in need of assistance on the business stuff. That’s totally fine. You’re a Standard member for life. We’ve got you. You are in the right place to bring your biz skills on par with your design brilliance.

Categories Who it's for

I don’t expect you to put your business on hold while you are in training which is why I give you lifetime access to the program so you can implement at your own pace.

Categories Who it's for

Absolutely! Be sure to reach out to the customer support team after checkout for us to verify your business partnership. Then, I will give each of you access.


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Categories Investment

Locate the cost of the Standard here: https://interiordesignstandard.com/

“I recouped the cost of the program with the very first contract I put through the Standard systems.” – Erin Haugerud, EH Design Co.

Categories Investment, Sales Page

You’ll have lifetime access so you can implement at your own pace. You’ll have ALL the information to reference and go back to – it even serves as a great training for new employees. If I ever retire the program, you’ll be given a ton of notice to download the content (see Terms of Use). 

The Interior Design Standard is the only program in the industry that gives you all the tried and true, tested and fully flushed out templates to run an incredible interior design business.

Categories Investment

I show you exactly what I use to run my 7-figure design firm, House of Funk, which means that I share the tech tools that have made me more efficient and profitable. You don’t have to use the same tools – it’s more about knowing what’s out there to increase your efficiency.

You can do demos and research on ANY software before taking the plunge.

Categories Investment

Yes we have two options to split up payments.

  1. Reserve your spot. This allows you to break up your payments into two – with a smaller deposit up front and the balance due two days before enrollment opens.
  2. Payment plan – when enrollment is closed, you’re able to sign up for a payment plan. The sooner you sign up for the payment plan, the smaller the payments will be. You will be paid in full by the time the next session begins. Please reach out to sandra@interiordesignstandard.com to inquire.

There are also a variety of ways for you to set up your own payment plan:

  • Save. Divide the total amount of the cost by the number of months until the next launch and save that amount each month. 
  • Credit. Pay with a low-interest credit card and make monthly principal payments to your credit card until it is paid off.
  • Borrow. Whether it be from the bank, your 401K or your Great Aunt Sally, we do recommend putting it in writing.

“It’s not the lack of resources, it’s your lack of resourcefulness that stops you.” – Tony Robbins

The Standard is an investment in yourself. I’ve been told time and time again by my members that the return on investment is immeasurable. You are WORTH it.

Categories Investment, Sales Page

I’ve done many courses, hired coaches, and worked with business strategists since starting my business in 2005. I’ve carefully tested different strategies that have led to my 7-figure design firm, happy clients and a joyful business. The Standard is different from other programs because I’ve taken my finance degree and background in business process consulting (literally consulting Fortune 500 companies to be more efficient and profitable) and used my decades in interior design – along with all the courses and mentors – and distilled all of it down to an incredibly detailed, yet easy to understand, template for exactly how to run a thriving interior design firm.

“This program was equivalent to an MBA! Especially for someone like me – who left the corporate world behind to follow her passion and going back to school for design was not feasible but believed in her talent – this course filled in all the missing pieces for all the questions I had. And all the templates and calculators and contracts ARE PRICELESS!” Rydhima Brar, R/Terior Studio

Categories Investment, Sales Page

The Standard is a rare opportunity to be a fly on the wall of a thriving design business. It’s every template, every strategy, my flat fee pricing model and calculator. You will learn in 6 modules what took me 20 years.

The Standard is not for you if you’re looking for a quick fix or are unwilling to commit to transforming your business into a thriving design firm. In order to protect the integrity of the designers who have invested themselves and engrained themselves in my inner circle, there is a strict no-refund policy.

So please, do your research and make sure you are totally ready to change your business for good – once and for all.

Categories Investment

The Standard is an investment in yourself. And, you’re SO worth it.

I hear from members all the time that the return on investment is immeasurable.

Investing in yourself may mean setting up a savings plan and chipping away at it over time.

Or, you could go the financing route with either a business loan, a line of credit or even a business credit card.


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Categories Support

I am always updating and improving and I share important updates in the member community between launches to keep things current as we go.

Categories Support

Here’s how my team and I support you inside the Standard:

The Designers’ Vault

Inside your member dashboard you’ll find an extensive vault of frequently asked questions focused on the latest topics in the design industry. It’s your first stop for all questions.

Accountability Partners

As soon as you enroll, you’re encouraged to partner with a few other designers to connect, encourage and support one another. 

Team Standard

If you ever need additional support, you can reach out to my team for assistance.

*Bonus* Virtual Community 

My private, members-only, community is full of designers who are on the same journey as you. Unlike other groups, everyone in this community is speaking the same language (the Standard language, that is.) This group is active for two months after enrollment closes.

“I love diving in and implementing The Standard! I feel like I was 90% of the way, but unsure of myself the entire time. The confidence Sandra has given me, and her willingness to share, is the community I’ve been waiting for!” Bailey Bishop, Bailey Bishop Design

Categories Support

In order to best serve my community all customer support is online. If you still have questions after reading through the FAQs, please email me at info@houseoffunk.com.

Categories Support

One-on-one coaching is not part of my offerings at this time.

If you’re looking for a digital training program that will support you with a step-by-step plan to run an efficient and joyful business, go to interiordesignstandard.com to reserve your spot today.


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Categories Implementation

This is work at your own pace. There are no deadlines. That’s why I give you lifetime access. Every firm will implement at their own pace.

Categories Implementation

Implementation varies based on how you prefer to work, your other commitments and your current pipeline. There are several modules, videos and resources to consume and implement. You have lifetime access so that you and your team can take it at your own pace.

Categories Implementation

You can reserve your spot now at interiordesignstandard.com.
Enrollment only opens twice a year so that members go through the program together. There’s great comradery in my inner circle.


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Nothing contained in the Program shall be construed as a warranty or guarantee on the part of the Company that any success or other specific results will be achieved by the Client. In addition, prior results, i.e. testimonials, do not predict future outcomes. The Company does not warrant that the use of the Program will have any specific results. The Company disclaims all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on such materials by the Client or any other Authorized User of the Program, or by anyone who may be informed of any of its contents.

The Client agrees to take full responsibility for any harm or damage the Client suffers as a result of the use, or non-use, of the information available in the Program. The Client agrees to use judgment and conduct due diligence, including but not limited to seeking independent legal and financial advice, before taking any actions or implementing any plans or policy suggested or recommended in the Program.

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